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Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC are tenacious and skilled criminal defense attorneys who are dedicated to fighting for the legal rights of our clients. With over four decades of combined experience, we have won hundreds of cases for clients across the Carolinas. If you are facing a criminal charge, or have been injured, it's crucial that you speak to us immediately to ensure that your legal rights are protected. We are here to discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and put your mind at ease. When you retain the services of Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC, you are ensuring that you receive strategic and compassionate defense from a knowledgeable Georgetown criminal defense lawyer.

Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC was founded by attorneys Freddy Woods, and Kenneth D. Snow. Freddy Woods is a seasoned trial lawyer and has over 20 years of experience. With extensive courtroom experience handling criminal cases as well as personal injury cases, Mr. Woods is a relentless advocate for the legal rights of his clients.

Kenneth Snow is an experienced and committed trial lawyer who has defended clients against high profile charges such as murder, sex crimes, and drugs trafficking. A successful Georgetown criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Snow also successfully handled over 100 personal injury cases, including wrongful deaths, child neglect, and traffic accidents.


Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge that can have severe consequences and lifelong detrimental effects. If you find yourself facing an arrest for DUI, it is vital that you understand the legal rights that you are afforded under U.S. law. The penalties for even first-time offense of DUI in North Carolina and South Carolina can result in the loss of your license and your ability to work.

Unlike a speeding fine, being convicted of a DUI charge leaves you with a permanent criminal record. Your DUI case is only as successful as the Georgetown DUI defense attorney you choose to represent you. If you are in the Georgetown area and are in need of a skilled criminal defense attorney, contact Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC today. We are criminal defense lawyers who understand that arrest does not equate to a conviction, and will fight for your legal rights.

Criminal Domestic Violence

Criminal Domestic Violence is a serious crime, and if convicted, carries severe and devastating lifelong consequences. According to the law, criminal domestic violence is committed when a person causes harm or injury against another member of the household.

Depending on the circumstances, even a first-time offense of criminal domestic violence in South Carolina can result in jail time. With the help of an experienced Georgetown criminal domestic violence attorney, you have defense options that include, but are not limited to, referral programs which result in the charges against you being dismissed upon completion, plea negotiations to a reduced charge, and even pre-trial dismissal by the prosecutor.

State Drug Crimes

It is illegal to possess, distribute, sell, manufacture, or cultivate controlled substances In South Carolina. The penalties associated with each drug crime vary, and even if you are a first-time offender, the potential legal punishments range from probation to mandatory jail time.

Being charged with drug possession is a serious crime which can carry lifelong consequences. As a defendant, you must understand your legal right to be represented by experienced Georgetown criminal defense attorney. It is crucial that you seek legal advice immediately to find out what defense options are available to you.

Federal Drugs Crimes

Federal laws typically penalize the crime of moving drugs across state lines, as well as drugs crimes that take place on federal property, or arrests that are initiated by a federal officer. Federal punishments are almost always much more severe than state punishments.

It is important to remember that just because a drugs case is federal, does not mean it cannot be defended against. If you or loved on currently needs the help of a knowledgeable and Georgetown criminal defense attorney, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Car Accidents

If you have been hurt in a car crash, you can pursue compensation for several types of damages, including medical costs, pain, and suffering, loss of income, loss of earning capacity and property damage. Every South Carolina personal injury case is different, so it is crucial that you speak to our Georgetown personal injury lawyers immediately so that we can work with you personally to determine who can be held liable for your damages, and how much could your case is worth.

Retaining legal counsel as early as possible can make a vast difference in the success of your personal injury compensation case in the Carolinas.

Truck Accidents

Unfortunately, in the United States, almost half a million trucking accidents occur each year, with over 5,000 of them resulting in death. Truck drivers are legally required to observe speed limits, take regulated rest breaks, properly load cargo, and refrain from driving under the influence, among other things. Accidents involving commercial trucks are devastating and often result in life-changing injuries or death.

If the driver was acting within the scope of their job duties when the crash occurred, it is often possible to establish the truck drivers employer's indirect liability. If you or your loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact us today so that we can fight for the compensation you deserve.

Workers Compensation

Workplace injuries can ruin your career and limit your earning potential. According to the law, employees that are injured while conducting their job are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries and loss of wages. Almost all employers are required to follow the Workers' Compensation Act. Common causes of on the job injuries include slips and falls, repetitive motion injuries, overuse injuries, and burns, cuts, and lacerations.

If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to the payment of medical expenses related to the work injuries, as well as two-thirds of your average weekly wage, and payment for permanent any vocational impairments. Contact our Georgetown personal injury attorneys for a free, no obligation discussion of your case.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when the standard of care owed to a patient is violated. If this violation results in the patient suffering an injury or coming to other harm, they may have a case of medical malpractice against the healthcare professional.

Medical malpractice can occur in a variety of settings, including emergency rooms, operating rooms, and doctors offices. Common examples of medical malpractice include complications with anesthesia, surgical errors, incorrect medical diagnosis, and childbirth and delivery complications.

If you or a loved one has been victim of medical malpractice — time is of the essense. Contact our Georgetown medical malpractice attorneys for a no obligation discussion of your case and how we can help you.

Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC are South Carolina criminal defense and personal injury attorneys who have helped hundreds of people achieve success in their legal fight. We are dedicated and aggressive criminal defense attorneys who combine over 20 years of successful practice to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Contact our Georgetown, criminal defense attorneys today for a free and confidential consultation about your case. You can reach us at (843) 904-8634, or fill out an online form detailing your query.

Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC want you to know that no case is without hope, and in the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty. Clients in over 100 counties across the Carolinas have trusted us to help them — and we'd like to help you too. Click here to speak to a South Carolina Criminal defense lawyer.

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Attorney Kenneth Snow, does not recall when it was that he first knew he wanted to be a lawyer. Though he exclaims “I do know that I became I lawyer to speak for the voiceless and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

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Freddy believes it is his duty as a lawyer to help people who are faced with challenging legal problems and help improve the community.

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These guys are AWESOME! They knew everybody in town and were well respected. They were very professional and knowledgeable and delivered an EPIC big win on my accident case. The took their time to get everything right before we went to court and delivered results when it was court time. I was lucky to have them, GOD definitely led me to the right lawyers! V.E.H.
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